Supported Employment

Witmore Enterprises has been delivering superior disability support services to people in the Singleton area since 1958. We are committed to the provision of flexible, tailored services to meet the individual's support needs. We aspire to “best practice” outcomes and our standards regarding minimum educational requirements for staff are higher than government guidelines. This allows us to provide a better standard of service and care. Witmore is Quality Assurance approved, giving you the peace of mind you need.

Supported Employment program provides support and training to people with a disability, enabling integration to open employment or raising self-esteem by participation within the workforce. We offer flexible work hours and work variety, as well as providing the support you need to face the challenges of your disability. To be disabled does not mean you should be denied the opportunity of working or having the option of creating a stronger financial position for yourself and/or your family.

For further information contact the office on 02 6572 2578