Our Board


                Brad Crooks

          Kirsty Thomson                  Garry Hamblin                               Anne Leggett                       Bradley Crooks

            President                         Vice President                             Secretary                              Treasurer





Juleen Partridge(Life Member)      Marianne Reynolds               Carmel Thomson                   David Williams OAM

            Director                                 Director                                Director                                  Director       


The Board plays a key role in ensuring that the mission of Witmore is upheld and that management is effectively directing the ongoing operations of the organisation in accordance with the strategic plan.  The role of the Board is to exercise good governance focusing on expanding the organisation's resources and to minimize any risks that might prevent the organisation from achieving its objectives

Witmore Board members are dedicated volunteers nominated at the Annual General Meeting, held on the third Tuesday each September.

Board Responsibilities

Key aspects of the Board’s responsibilities include:

  • Strategy formulation
  • Monitoring of organisational performance
  • Overview of compliance policies 
  • Ensuring appropriate and effective internal control systems are in place to manage risk and comply with policies and regulation requirements
  • Networking with key stakeholder groups 

Board Function

An important function of the Board is overseeing financial issues such as investments, financial controls, annual audits, annual budgets, financial statements and fundraising activities.  All these must be viewed in the light of potential risk.   

Board Meetings

Board meetings are held on-site at Witmore Enterprises, 45 Magpie Street, Singleton, on the third Tuesday of each month at 5.15pm.