A Message from our CEO, Anita White in regards to the Coronavirus COVID-19

In light of the current global pandemic, I understand that many of our participants, their families and carers are wanting to know what is happening with Witmore Enterprises.

We aim to continue to provide essential support to our participants while strictly following the advice and recommendations of the Australian Government and World Health Organisation.

Our Executive Leadership team are continuously checking updates both from Federal and State Government and also the NDIS.

In the meantime, we are taking every precaution possible to protect our staff, participants, their families, our customer’s and our community by reinforcing Government Guidelines.

Day Programs have limited their services to meet strict government guidelines; however, it is vital for our participants not to feel isolated and to feel safe and secure. Therefore we will work with them to adjust their services accordingly. In addition to our Day Programs Centre, we will also be utilising our respite property to assist with social distancing measures, and we will also be offering face-timing services for those that choose to stay at home. The centre and respite property are cleaned regularly to reduce any risk of infection and prompting of hygiene is frequently occurring.

Our ADE we will be reducing the number of our supported employee’s during this uncertain period, to ensure we are following government guidelines and to ensure that our supported employees and staff are kept safe and continue to fulfill work orders. All workers on site will be given regular updates about hygiene and supplied with the appropriate personal protective equipment. The ADE is cleaned regularly to help reduce the risk of infection.

To keep our participants and staff safe, can you please ensure that if you have a high temperature, sore throat, cough, fatigue, or shortness of breath that you do not attend the complex. If you have been in contact with anyone being tested or with a confirmed diagnosis of COVID-19 can you please contact us by phone immediately, let’s work together to safeguard everyone.

If you have any concerns about your family member accessing our services, we completely understand. You have the choice to keep the person that you support at home.

We are by your side and we hope that ensuring measures are put in place now and limiting services, we have a high chance to continue our services as per usual in the future. Our thoughts are with all our clients, supported employees, staff and our loyal customers.

Please keep safe and Remember, you are all Valued.