Welcome to the National Disability Insurance Scheme
The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is available for Australians up to age 65 that are living with a permanent and significant disability. To participate in the NDIS, you need to meet certain disability or early intervention requirements.

NDIS and Witmore

Our programs are person centred, age and lifestyle appropriate and encourage community participation. Witmore Enterprises can assist you to:

  •    Maintain and develop life skills and independence – cooking, health, hygiene, fitness, budgeting
  •    Develop social networks – social skills, community outings, social media, social clubs
  •    Access community services – shopping, banking, library, housing, social services
  •    Participate in learning skills and development – work readiness, training, work experience, volunteering
  •    Achieve individual goals – goal setting and planning, action plans, person centred plans
  •    Participate in the community – use local services and become an active participant in social groups and activities


We want to help create a pathway for you to achieve your goals.


Planning for the NDIS

The NDIS planning process
There are five steps involved in developing your plan of supports.

  • Think about your needs and supports
  • Meet with your personal planner
  • Develop your plan and consider how to manage your supports
  • Implement your plan
  • Review your plan



Your personal planner can assist you through the process of accessing the NDIS, help you identify your needs, goals and current supports and develop your individual plan.

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