Business Services

Here at Witmore Enterprises we employ people with a range of disabilities, giving them a chance to reach their full potential. Everyone deserves the chance to work. 

Witmore provides on the job training and support for our supported employees, giving them the chance to reach their goals.


Some of the services we can provide you with;

  • Document scanning
  • Confidential Document destruction (Shredding)
  • Ground Maintenance
  • PPE Packaging
  • Cataloguing Parts

We are able to stocktake, repackage and label stock items such as equipment spare parts. We use an excel spreadsheet that is designed specifically for each individual need. Once the information is entered on the spreadsheet it can be emailed or stored on a thumb drive for the customer.

  • Collating documents/brochures/calendars for mail outs

We are able to carry out the collating of many different mail out items. We fold documents and label envelopes. We have at times made modifications to catalogues due to printing mistakes

  • Weed poisoning
  • Pruning

If you would like any more information about these or other services we might be able to do please contact us.


Confidential Document Scanning
Confidential Document Shredding
Ground Maintenance
PPE Packaging